Tablature guitare Garbage - As Heaven Is Wide

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Garbage - As Heaven Is Wide

As Heaven Is Wide By Mike Trumpis (It's easiest tuned down half a step, but the rest up the album is a whole step at least, so that's where I play it and how it's written here.) w\ distortion pedal ">"=bend -|--------------|-----------------| -|-----3--------|-----3-----------| \ -|---------2>---|---------2-3-2---| / verse! -|-1-1---1------|-1-1---1-------4-| (play as sixteenth notes) -|----------|---------|--------|---------|----------|---------| -|----------|---------|--------|---------|----------|---------| -|1---------|1--------|3-------|3--------|4---------|4--------| -|----------|---------|--------|---------|----------|---------| -|-----------|-----------| Chorus! -|-----------|-----------| -|6----------|6----------| -|-----------|-----------| Repeat as desired.

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