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Green Day - Brain Stew

Green Day "Brain Stew" Intro: B(PM) A(PM) C(PM) C#(PM) A(PM) Verse: B(PM) A(PM) I'm having trouble trying to sleep. C(PM) C#(PM) A(PM) I'm counting sheep but running out. B(PM) A(PM) As time ticks by, C(PM) C#(PM) A(PM) And l still try. B(PM) A(PM) No rest for crosstops in my mind. C(PM) C#(PM) A(PM) On my we go. Verse: B(PM) A(PM) My eyes feel like they're going to bleed. C(PM) C#(PM) A(PM) Dried up and bulging out my skull. B(PM) A(PM) My mouth is dry. C(PM) C#(PM) A(PM) My face is numb. B(PM) A(PM) Fucked up and spun out in my room. C(PM) C#(PM) A(PM) On my we go. Chorus: B(PM) xxx A(PM)XXX C(PM) XXX C#(PM) XXX A(PM) NO WORDS Verse: B(PM) A(PM) My mind is set on overdrive. C(PM) C#(PM) A(PM) The clock is laughing in my face. B(PM) A(PM) A crooked spine. C(PM) C#(PM) A(PM) My sense dulled. B(PM) A(PM) Passed the point of delirium. C(PM) C#(PM) A(PM) On my we go.

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