Tablature guitare Green Day - Panic Song

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Green Day - Panic Song

Green Day "Panic Song" Intro / Solo: Open A string...rapid...then --------------2----5------ ----1--1----3----6------- --2----0----2------------ --------------4------------ --------------------------- --------------------------- D D# xxxxxxxxxxx D D# XXXXXXXXXXX(MUTED STRINGS) Verse: E(PM) Ready for a cheap escape. E(PM) On the brink of self-destruction. B D Widespread panic. E D A Broken glass inside my head. E D A Bleeding down these thoughts of B D Anguish... mass confusion. Chorus: A E The world is a sick machine B E breeding a mass of shit. A E With such a desolate conclusion. B E Fill the void with...l don't care. Verse: E D A There's a plague inside of me. E D A Eating at my disposition. B D Nothing's left E D A torn out of reality. E D A Into a satate of no opinion. B D Limp with hate.

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