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Green Day - Take Back

Green Day Take Back Tuning: Standard (low to high: e a d g b e) Tempo: Quite Fast VERSE e:-----------------:-----------------: b:-----------------:-----------------: g:-----------------:-----------------: d:-9---9---9-9-9-7-:---7-710--101010-: a:-9---9---9-9-9-7-:---7-710--101010-: e:-7---7---7-7-7-5-:---5-5-8---8-8-8-: CHORUS e:-----------------:-----------------: b:-----------------:-----------------: g:-8---8---8-8-8---:-------9---9-9-9-: d:-8---8---8-8-8-8-:---8-8-9---9-9-9-: a:-6---6---6-6-6-8-:---8-8-7---7-7-7-: e:---------------6-:---6-6-----------: VERSE 1 w/ VERSE You pushed me once too far again, I'd love to break your fucking teeth. Stick a knife in the center of your back. You better grow some eyes in the back of your head. I fight dirty, just like your looks. Can't take, can't take, I can't take anymore. CHORUS w/ CHORUS Take back, take back, take. VERSE 2 w/ VERSE The taste of bad blood on the tip of my tongue. An eye for an eye. Gun for a gun. Cold-cocked and I'm taking back what's mine. Expect it when you're least expecting it. No loss of love, the smell of regret. Lights out. Can't take anymore. CHORUS x2 INTERLUDE w/ VERSE Shite! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

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