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Paradis, Vanessa - When I Say

When I say – Vanessa Paradis

Intro Am D Em G C Am D (x2)
Di dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum....

Am		D		Em	G	C	Am	D	Dsus2
I know you've got some pain to share like anybody else around
Am		D		Em	G	C	Am	D	Dsus2
Each one of us a cross to bare and then some day you may drown
			Em	D7	G
This trouble in your heart
	Am			B7	
Will run away do all you've got to do
C			Em	D7	G
Within your sacrifice
	Am			B7		C	B
For your soul is in chains how you could fly

	C		Em
Don't give up and do not cry
	C		B7
When those demons get you
	C		Em
I'll be yours till the end of time
	C		B7
Please believe me when I say you'll be fine

Am D Em G C Am D (x2) 
Di dum, dum, dum...

2. The circumstances are so unfair, some days you walk on shaky ground
the trouble man is always there for every moment you go down
you can no longer hide
or run away do all you've got to do
your sorrow's over now
around your wounds begin your peace of mind


coda  D Dsus2 D  D sus4 D Dsus2 D Dsus4 D Dsus 2 Em D7 G Am B7 C…(etc)

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